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The Power of a HUG

Meagan was only 4 years old when a trip to the hospital revealed that she had a malignant, inoperable brain tumour: a day her parents will never forget. Meagan’s family, friends and community rallied around her and the Bebenek family witnessed the power of hope and support firsthand. They learned that love was truly the best medicine. In 2001, six months after her diagnosis, shortly after her 5th birthday, Meagan passed away; but not without leaving her mark on the world.

As she left the hospital for the last time, Denise envisioned a giant hug around the building. She wanted all other “Meagans” to feel the hope, love and support that helped her family on their journey. Paediatric brain tumours are the leading cause of cancer related death in children. Denise knew she could help other families navigate that pain and keep moving forward until the day a cure is found.

Denise Bebenek founded Meagan’s Walk – Creating a Circle of Hope that same year. She now dedicates her time to sharing a message of hope and raising awareness about paediatric brain tumours. To date, Meagan’s Walk has raised over $5.7M for research that helps children around the world.



Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and families facing various poverty related struggles. Our mission is to change the landscape of poverty through innovative approaches to financial barriers faced by struggling families. We envision a future where no Mama or child is left behind.