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Meagan was only 4 years old when a trip to the hospital revealed that she had a malignant, inoperable brain tumour: a day her parents will never forget. After learning that paediatric brain tumours are the leading cause of cancer related death in children, Meagan’s family, friends, and community rallied around her.  The Bebenek family witnessed the power of hope, love and support firsthand.
In 2001, six months after her diagnosis, shortly after her 5th birthday, Meagan died; but not without leaving her mark on the world.
When leaving Meagan at the hospital, her mother, Denise, envisaged a real yet symbolic “hug” of the hospital, sending a message to all within that they are not alone.  She wanted all the other “Meagans” to feel the hope, love and support that helped her family on their journey.
Now as Meagan’s HUG enters the 20th anniversary year, our goals remain the same: to increase public awareness of paediatric brain tumours; to raise funds to support research; and to share a message of hope with young patients and those who love them.
Our efforts support the “bench to bedside” philosophy that guides the remarkable work of the Brain Tumour Research Centre, where discoveries translate into tangible benefits for young brain tumour patients throughout the world. 
The need for ground-breaking and life-changing brain tumour research is as important as ever.
For more information please go to https://www.meaganshug.com